She is Emmanuela Okon. A full-time Student, Fashion YouTuber & Style Blogger based in Canada, in the city of Mississauga to be precise. She studied Communication Culture & Information Technology as well as Political Science at the University of Toronto Mississauga.


What got me started? : – Well, to start off, fashion is something that has stuck with me ever since I was a little girl. My love for fashion at that time may have come from the looks I had seen some of my fav celebrities have on back then. However, at this point, fashion is more than just what I thought it was while I was a little girl. Fashion has become a craft to me. I believe there’s so much out there in terms of what either fashion bloggers, YouTubers or even designers are doing out there!

And, so I decided to make fashion a form of performance to myself. I remember back when I was in Nigeria, I was not so crazy about watching fashion-related videos on YouTube. This was because I felt there was really nothing on YouTube that would really push me to love fashion the way I love it now. But boy! was I wrong because the YouTube world of fashion is just full of young creatives. That’s when I decided that this whole fashion YouTube game was not a joke at all. – I began using my Instagram account often after secondary school but, it was not until I moved to Canada that my perception of Instagram itself changed. because I convinced myself to make my Instagram, my starting point. I can honestly tell you that, I never thought I would be able to start up a YouTube channel because I felt that platform wasn’t for me. Oh well, I tried challenging myself and I’m so happy with the progress I’ve made ever since I started my YouTube Channel in January 2017!


What drives me to keep doing what I am doing, first of all, starts with the kind of influence I have gotten from other content creators because that feeling is AMAZING. Also, I try my best to constantly do my research because I believe without PROPER RESEARCH, I will not be performing the way I am today. Moreover, I continue to encourage people who want to start as content creators to always ensure they seek necessary help from other content creators because this step is beneficial in growing as a successful content creator in whatever niche you aspire to be, whether it’s fashion, photography, cooking, etc.

Basically, StylebyEmmanuela is that open space for me to share my passion and creativity. whether it’s fashion, beauty or lifestyle-related.



I have also decided to incorporate my new online business called ‘StylebyEmmanuela Ebooks‘ where I offer digital ebooks and guides to help guide content creators and bloggers just like myself on their content creation journey. My new business officially launches/launched March 1st, 2020.

StylebyEmmanuela ebooks and guides guarantee our clients will have a content creation journey that is easy and fun to apply to their personal brand. Click here to find my ebooks on Amazon.

I will be releasing free and premium resources, as I will be sharing the same techniques I have used in my blogging career. Basically, StylebyEmmanuela Ebooks will be giving you the tea on how Emmanuela Okon (me) got started as a successful Fashion Blogger and Youtuber.

I have also created a Facebook Ebook Group for StylebyEmmanuela ebook readers to gain further insight and knowledge about the spectrum of digital content creation.


I also began my very own jewelry and apparel brand called E’s Element. The idea of creating E’s Element began in July 2020 (practically in the early stages of the lockdown). I knew I always wanted to start a business once I graduated from University, and so I did. I created E’s Element because I wanted to give people easy and quick access to quality jewelry and athleisurewear pieces. Of course, there are many Athleisurewear brands, but E’s Element pieces stand out mainly because the types of clothing we provide are handmade and cut and sewn. As for the jewelry pieces, E’s Element works alongside highly-vetted suppliers to bring the brand’s jewelry line vision to life. E’s Element stands out mainly because it is a hub where you can find jewelry pieces while also searching for comfy clothing. For the most part, my inspiration to start my business came from wanting to curate quality jewelry and athleisurewear pieces that people can use to elevate their style daily (even while at home).

E’s Element is a black-owned and female-owned small business run by Emmanuela Okon. This jewelry and apparel brand is based in Canada, Ontario. All products are sold through our eCommerce website exclusively on www.ellaelement.shop.


 I am so excited about starting this blog and my online ebook business and I’m super excited that you have chosen to join me on this blogging journey!

ps: all my readers would be able to shop most of the outfits I have on this blog website or any other products I display from time which makes life so much easier!



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