October 25, 2019

You can never go wrong with matching sets, ladies! If you have been catching up with my recent blog posts, you must have noticed how much I love matching sets. The particular one I am wearing in today’s blog post is from Lovelywholesale, and I am so obsessed with this one (what I always say when I suddenly discover a gorgeous matching set/co-ord. lol). This set is made of woven fabric, which means it is soft and suitable for days that get a bit chilly real quick. Also, I paired this outfit with my classic Jadon boots from Dr. Martens, which makes me look like a badass! Honestly, that is always my mood whenever I am wearing my Dr. Marten boots because they fit every outfit!

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As you may have noticed, I shot this outfit during my five weeks stay in Los Angeles last week, and I got the opportunity of collaborating with a female photographer this time. How exciting! I had so much fun shooting with Jess Rochow, and I loved her energy throughout the whole shoot. You guys will not believe we shot three different outfits the same day! Yeah, I know, right! It was so much fun, and I cannot still believe we finished up the three looks in just an hour. At this point, it is safe to say that Instagram is indeed a great space to connect with other content creators. I contacted Jess through Instagram two days before my trip to Los Angeles, and she still made the shoot happen. It is incredible what Instagram hashtags can do because this app made my search for a Los Angeles photographer a whole lot easier. That’s incredible!


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Honestly, I cannot wait for you guys to see StylebyEmmanuela’s upcoming blog posts! In the meantime, be sure to check out my previous blog post on styling a snake print blouse and trouser set. Someone needs to help me because my closet is about to be raided with matching sets! NO JOKES…


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Shot by Jess Rochow

Location: Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles

Outfit: Lovelywholesale (Use my extra 10% off code: ellahh10)

Shoes: Jadon Platform Boots by Dr. Martens (I got mine from a Canadian based store called ‘Browns’)

Necklace: Topshop (alternative)

Cross-body bag: Calvin Klein (I purchased mine from WINNERS – Canadian store)

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