February 14, 2019

Hello loves,

So as the years go by, my makeup routine tends to switch up a bit which is why I always try to keep you all posted on new beauty product finds. In this video, I will be sharing with you guys some new techniques that I have started incorporating into my everyday makeup routine.

At the moment, Fenty Beauty and NYX Cosmetics are my two favourite beauty brands, and you will notice that in this video and a whole lot of other beauty brands.

As usual, I will be leaving product description, links and recommendation for you all to see in case you plan on purchasing any of the items I use daily. You can find these links in the description box of the Youtube Video HERE: MY EVERYDAY MAKEUP ROUTINE 2019

Lashes from my Sister’s Lashes Company: KIKISLUXURYLASHES

Style: ‘Queen’

That’s it for this post and I will see you all in my next one. Have a blessed week!

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