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She is Emmanuela Okon. A Style Blogger and Fashion Youtuber based in Canada. Fashion is something that has stuck with her ever since she was a little girl. Her love for fashion at that time may have come from the looks she had seen some of her fav celebrities have on back then. However, at this point, fashion is more than just what she thought it was while she was a little girl. Fashion has become a craft for her.

She began using her Instagram account often after secondary school, but it was not until she moved to Canada that her perception of Instagram itself changed. She convinced herself to make her Instagram her starting point, which resulted in the birth of StylebyEmmanuela (A Fashion/Beauty/Lifestyle Blog) and StylebyEmmanuela Ebooks (Digital Books crafted for digital content creators).

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I can’t begin to say how much I Love my media kit, Ellah did a phenomenon Job at not only executing my idea but at integrating her own creativity too. She really helped me organize my brand and made reaching out to brands easier.
Her customer service is amazing, she replies promptly and keeps you updated with her progress, she was also able to get it done in less time than I expected, her patience is amazing too, she works at your own pace and gives you premium quality. Ella made the media Kit easily accessible, she sent both PDF and Jpg, I totally recommend her...


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