Staying Informed About ‘Housing Matters’ during COVID19.

April 11, 2021

It’s safe to say the pandemic has got me thinking about many things. Specifically how housing would be like. Especially because some people are most likely looking for new places to live in or better still looking to own a house.

Housing matters continue to remain an ongoing conversation during the pandemic. Questions like “Should you buy a home now or wait? Very high in demand especially for new homeowners. Personally, I am a huge believer in googling things and love it when I come across online calculators. This is not just any type of calculator but one that gives you an estimated prediction of how much you could potentially put as down-payment when in search of a new place.

It is important to note that making that decision to own a house or perhaps lease a car is a long-term investment that will require lifestyle changes. This should not frighten you but instead, encourage you to prioritize your needs.

For the most part, I love how this mortgage calculator goes through extra lengths to inform you about affordability factors, banks typically take when assessing potential home buyers. It’s super important that we all stay enlightened about the current state of the real estate world when trying to embark on large investments like owning a house.


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