External Factors That Are Holding You Back On The Road To Fitness

April 24, 2021

Starting out on the road to fitness is immensely exciting. Sadly, the cold hard facts are that most people will give up before achieving their goals. Oftentimes, this is due to outside factors rather than the effort made in the gym or kitchen.

Learning to overcome outside challenges will subsequently allow you to focus fully on your fitness journey. In turn, the road to success will instantly look a whole lot smoother.

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The desire to get fit will allow you to overcome most obstacles in the first few weeks. Once the initial buzz dies down, though, it will be very hard to outrun poor time management. Fitness is a key aspect of life, but the other elements need to be managed well too.

Your career is one issue that needs immediate attention. Earning more in less time should be the goal. Experts like IAPAM can provide the necessary training for workers in the cosmetic treatments sectors. In turn, it will be possible to dedicate more time to workouts.

Away from your career, you need to know that friends and family members are on your team. Their support offers an extra boost of confidence. Conversely, though, when they keep trying to stop you from following your planned routines, your progress will be hindered.


Inspiration can be a powerful tool that drives you on to greatness. However, it can also cause more harm than good if you look for it in the wrong places. The harsh reality is that when you set unrealistic goals and inevitably fall short, it will harm your motivation.

In the modern climate, you are likely to seek inspiration from social media. My fitness blog on Instagram, for example, provides genuine insight and focuses on achievable aims. That’s because I live a normal life and understand the pain points that most people experience.

Unfortunately, following a billionaire influencer who doesn’t have to worry about real-life will never quite get it. They deserve credit for putting in the effort (even when they get outside help) but it’s just not practical. And once you feel like you’re failing, it’s hard to recover.


Your actions during the waking hours are important. Then again, what you do at night can be hugely influential on your fitness strategy too. After all, sleep takes up roughly one-third of your life. Therefore, sleep patterns will play a huge role in your overall life patterns.

More importantly, sleep is the time for your muscles to grow and recuperate. Likewise, it is the key to regulating the stress hormone. So, when you are well-rested, you will feel happier and more energized. This can encourage you to work out harder and more frequently.

So, how can you build a better sleeping pattern? In addition to investing in a new mattress, you should give your body a chance to actually prepare for sleep. Avoiding the blue light of screens before bed will help. Trying to sleep at the same time each night is also key (I struggle with this since I am working so much but it is crucial to developing a better sleeping habit).


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