STYLE SWAP : StylebyEmmanuela Meets Running|Through|M|Avenue

August 21, 2017

Hello loves,

So I collaborated with my friend; Madeline Ben of RTMA to create a “Style Swap” video. Cool right? and so, we both decided to swap our personal styles for the fun of it!. Well, I feel I will follow up with this particular segment in my content creations as time goes on. Anyways, let me know if you all would like this new segment called, “Style Swap” in the comment section.

Below, are photos from the video shoot I had with Madeline. Everything turned out great with the help of my younger sister filming the video. The weather was great hence, we were able to get perfect shots of our outfits.

Scroll down to view some of them on here loves.

Just so you know, the photo shoot location and video shoot location were completely different. However, I still wish we had both shoots at the same location.

Also, do not forget to check out the “Style Swap” video. You can find the video directly attached below this post or you can click here to watch the full video.


Shot by Joy Okon

Edited by Me

I hope you all enjoyed this post!

Let me know what you all think about the video in the comment section below.

Till next time.

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