November 12, 2017


Hello loves,

So, as you can tell from the previous blog post, I was working on a project with a friend of mine called Christabelle. In this new project, we bring to you a short film inspired by one of my current favorite artists in 2017. She goes by the stage name “H.E.R”, which is an acronym for ‘Having Everything Revealed’. Her music is so beautiful! I mean, I’m sure almost everyone could relate to her music in any way possible.

Now onto this video, as you can tell, I’m not the only one who took part in the visual process of the video. However, Christabelle also decided to include her previous photo/video shoot session she had with a friend;  Marcus Chidi. She felt it was a good idea combining both projects she had with both of us into this ‘#TorontoSeries’ fashion film. And I must say, everything turned out pretty great! The process was not all that easy but I’m happy she pulled through. I’m super proud of her and she deserves absolute recognition for this project.

For the spoken words included in this short film, I must say, the girl behind it has so much potential and I was so impressed with every bit of it! Her name is Toyanazara Mbazoukwu, and she absolutely made the spoken words correlate with H.E.R’s music as well. In all honesty, everything came out beautifully and, I do hope you all get the chance to check out the full video because it’s one you should not miss!

You can click here to watch the full video or you could click the embedded link below this blog post too.

I’ll see you all in my next blog post!

All photos were taken by Christabelle Nwosu

Till next time.

Much love,

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