5 Ways to Promote your Fashion Blog Posts (The Power of Social Media)

March 16, 2020

Start Pinning your Blog Posts on Pinterest

I feel this strategy was one I discovered a bit later in my blogging journey. With Pinterest, your blog is on the road to attracting a new audience that may potentially click on your ‘pins’ (blog posts). Try setting up a Pinterest account today and watch your blog reach escalate!

Create a Bloglovin’ Account for your Blog

Bloglovin is a platform for all bloggers to share their blogs online. With Bloglovin, your blog content can reach someone who has never heard about your blog before. It is a great platform to put your name out there in the blogosphere.

Create a Facebook Page (Business Account)

With a Facebook business account, you have control over what kinds of content go live on your page. Creating a page is free, and so cross-promoting your blog content on your Facebook page anytime new content is posted on your blog, will be great for your fashion posts. Always remember, cross-promoting on other social media platforms is key to attracting people to your content.

Build an Emailing List for your Subscribers

This is another technique I wish I took more seriously at the beginning of my blogging journey. Staying in touch with your readers will definitely grow your blog reach because anytime you want to make an announcement, they will be the first to know. At times, they may even help promote your products and get other people to subscribe. You can build your subscriber’s list by selling free digital products, conducting giveaways or just only making people fill out subscriber forms. All this can be done with an Email Marketing platform called MailChimp.

Creating Video Content of your Blog Posts

As previously discussed, cross-promoting is key to making sure your blog content has a broader audience. For video content, you can stick to platforms like Youtube, where you can easily promote your blog using links to it in the description sections of the Youtube Videos. People love videos just like they love Photos!

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