First Ebook Launch and More Announcements!

March 1, 2020

Hey guys,

So I am happy to announce to you all that I have officially launched my first ebook on how to start a blog using successfully. I get so many questions and messages about how I was able to set up my blog –, so I decided to share my strategies and experience with you guys in this ebook.

I put together an ebook that will answer your questions about starting a blog/website right from your home. Yes! It’s easy to launch a site directly from your home. This book spills all the tea showcasing step-by-step procedures of how I set up my blog –

I also collected a few of my top resources & experiences to help you out on this blogging journey.


This book is divided into six (6) chapters and two (2) parts:

PART ONE: Covers the technical stuff (myth: You need to be an expert in HTML/CSS. I strongly disagree because, from my personal experience, I did not know web coding. I must say watching youtube videos saved my life, but apart from that, you do not need to be an ‘expert’ in the field before you can handle the tech work of your site.)

PART TWO: Covers the design aspect of your blog (myth: You need to hire a professional web or designer to design your blog. Now, this is not the case, my friend, because everyone can create something on their own; it does not have to be perfect.)

I know you are going to love this one! With this product, you can open this ebook on your phone or tablet just right before you go to bed. This book is indeed a portable manual you can read on the go!

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Customer Love – ‘Testimonials prior to the launch of this ebook’

Here at StylebyEmmanuela Ebooks, we take pride in our quality and service

– Emmanuela Okon (Owner & Founder of StylebyEmmanuela Ebooks)

Oluwaseni Osunkoya

– “GIRL, you got me taking notes ! Trust me i learnt alot, i really did..”


Ife Iranloye

– “I love the simplicity, consistency and neatness of the ebooks!”


Essy Imoisili

– “Really good, Detailed and Easy to Read!”

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