How to Detect Scam Email Collaborations (Very brief but Important!)

May 12, 2020

The domain name of the sender is misspelled

Look at the email address critically and do not just pay attention to the name of the sender.

Suspicious Links/Attachments:

Be mindful of phishing emails that include suspicious links. Before downloading anything, make sure you do some research on the brand. You can check for things like active social media profiles like the company’s Instagram page. For the sender, you can check the person’s LinkedIn profile. Employees tend to always have a Linkedin profile which portrays professionalism. Also, do some google search about the brand!

‘Giveaway’ Email Posers

Brands who tend to freely initiate giveaways for your followers are most likely Scammers. Example: ‘Gifting 50 of your followers with workout leggings’ is a common one. Beware of fake collaboration emails. As previously stated, do some google research about the brand and you may be either surprised or relieved of what you might find online.

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