Why Having a Website is more Important than Ever

March 10, 2020

Your Social Media Posts Are Not Search Friendly

Yes, creating a social media profile for your brand is not such a bad idea. But also having an online portfolio where you can post almost everything your brand represents will be a lot better. When you have a website, your brand has the potential to reach search engines, leading your brand to a broader audience. Having a website gives people a chance to find your brand or business on the web easily.

Your Website Allows You To Create A Personal Brand

When you create a website, you have the freedom to express your brand freely; however, you want it. You can customize the design layout of your website, and you can customize the theme of your brand to reflect your business. Your website is, in fact, a personal identifier of what you and your brand represent.

Your Website Allows You To Sell Your Product

When you have your website, you do not need to worry about selling products on third-party domains like Shopify etc. Personally, using platforms like has provided my business with a free plugin that I can easily start off an E-commerce site. By creating a website/blog, you have the freedom to switch your basic blog page into an E-commerce site. For starters, I use the WooCommerce‘ plugin to sell products online.

Your Website Is A One-Step Destination For Your Brand

Creating a website makes it easy for people to view your skill sets all in one place collectively. Think of your website as an online resumé that people can visit online.

You Are The One In Control Here

I cannot say this enough, but it is essential to know that once you have a self-hosted website, you are in full control of it. In my ebook on ‘How to Setup A Fashion/Beauty/Lifestyle Blog Right From Your Home, I introduced readers to secure methods on how to set up a self-hosted site. With a self-hosted site, you have access to your site’s back-up and customization.

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