5 Ways To Connect with Brands and Establish a Successful Online Presence

February 28, 2020

This question was highly-requested on the StylebyEmmanuela Facebook Group and so, I decided to make an in-depth post about this subject matter.

#1 Ensure you have an available online portfolio

For me, Instagram is like my online resumè. ensure you set up a business email. preferably a Gmail account so brands can reach out to you.

#2 Searching for Brand Emails

You can email brands directly by using the email provided in their Instagram bios (I will be creating an ebook on how you can pitch yourself to brands + a sample email template of what I use to land brand collaborations/sponsorships.). Join my mailing list to get notified once this ebook is released!

#3 Influencer Marketing Platforms

Joining influencer marketing platforms like the ones I have provided in the first free e-guide. You can join platforms like:

NOTE: These platforms are completely free to join except for the ‘For Bloggers Only’ platform.

#4 Have a Media Kit ready

Think of a media kit as your resumè. Your media kit sums up everything you do as a content creator. It will include things like your social media profiles, your demographic & your works.

You can create your media kit with ZINE or Canva

#5 Consistency is Key

This may sound clichè but you have to be very consistent from the start. This will reassure your audience that they can rely on you for tips/advice depending on what kind of content you are creating.


Edidiong says:

I’m so proud of you sis! Keep doing what you do best ??

stylebyemmanuela says:

thank you love. i appreciate it! 🙂

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