5 Ways You Can Elevate Your Personal Style

February 4, 2021

A sophisticated/stylish look is timeless and can accommodate different sets of occasions. You can attend Sunday brunch, go shopping, or travel the world in a few complexes yet complementary styles.

To successfully develop complexity in your overall dressing, you will first need to have a predefined style. Knowing your personal style and taste will:

Use these tips to show the world a more sophisticated side of you in the dressing and accessories you choose.

Choose Solid Over Bold

Although going bold is the perfect way to maintain a consistent, sophisticated appearance, choosing solid colours is the safer option for a tryout. Incorporating neutral colours like black, brown, and grey into your dressing will make matching a lot easier.

You can include different shades of the same colour to things like your belt, scarf, hat, or shoe to bring out a more sophisticated look.

Opt for Classy Fabric 

With proper care, any item made of classic fabric lasts for years. Think denim, for example, that has lasted for decades and continues to defy the odds of time.

Such classy material often paired with stylish and valuable accessories like engagement halo rings, chain necklaces, handbags, or winter coats make for the perfect complex look.

Go for Fitting

While liberating, well-fitting clothes can often turn into a nightmare if they become too tight. Shopping for structured material to complement your body allows you to remain sophisticated and prevents you from exposing too much.

The best way to shop for sizeable clothes is by:

Tailor your already-too-big clothes and shoes by taking them to a professional for resizing. That would put your fits to good use. I did this with a pair of mom jeans I got from American Apparel and got them altered to have a more tapered fit.

Be Mindful of your Hair

Depending on the amount of time you have to prepare in the morning, you may decide to keep your hair short or long. This would really depend on you but personally, I’ve got short natural hair and I have realized that’s what works well for me. Occasionally, I do love wearing long wigs too!

You can glam switch up your hair with accessories like head wraps, hair clips, and barrettes, to make your entire outfit stand out.

Remain Grounded on Accessories

Although accessories are meant to add pimp and colour to style, you should be cautious not to overindulge. Too many colours or styles incorporated into one look may not always be easy to pull off.

Instead, you could boost a basic outfit by including matching accessories where necessary. Shoes, earrings, necklaces, and even rings should all play a part in boosting your sophisticated appeal.


A stylish look only attracts attention if properly executed. People who wear complex clothes are often inspirational, appealing, and more attractive in life. From time to time, switching up your looks can be a good thing.

Choose solid colours over bold, opt for classic fabric, buy fitting clothes, take care of your hair and add simple accessories to develop and maintain a sophisticated look in your everyday life.

Remember, style may be temporary whereas class remains permanent. 

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