How to Find Your Personal Style: 5 Ways You Can Unlock Your Personal Style

June 24, 2020

Finding your style is something that takes time in fashion. We can all have those periods when growing up, and even in adulthood, where we look at what we wore and think, why did I wear that? However, fashion is something that elevates your personality and should make you feel good. As long as you felt good in what you were wearing at that moment, that is all that matters! Here are five (5) ways you can unlock your personal style:

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Understand Your Body Type

It is essential to first think about your body type. That can be something that people do not usually pay attention to. As a result, you end up buying clothes that do not compliment your body type. Perhaps, these clothes become items of clothing that you do not wear because they do not make you feel good. There are different body types out there, so it is essential to distinguish which one you are or closest to, and then discover what will fit you best.

Also, there are so many online websites where you can find relevant information and do a bit of digging before buying new clothes.

Let’s not forget that your body type is something that will also change over time. So it is essential to pay attention to that and adapt your wardrobe to suit your body needs. Most importantly, finding items with a stylish shape to suit your fashion needs might also take some time.

Think Of Your Clothing As An Investment

Clothing is something that you are hopefully going to wear again and again. Some pieces will last for more than one season and perhaps for even several years if you have picked the right item. Some can be timeless in their design and fit, so it is crucial to think about your clothing as an investment. Not all clothing is going to stand the test of time, and so the more you invest in your clothing, the more likely it will last.

When shopping, try to look for the quality in the materials and also the type of fabric that the clothing is made out of. Some will be durable, while others might not work so well. To get quality, sometimes it is vital to spend the money on quality items that will last a lifetime!

Find The Signature Pieces

Signature pieces are something you need in your wardrobe. They are the items of clothing that might finish off the look or be the main feature of your outfit. Whether that’s a stylish beige trench coat or an over the top belt buckle. When you look for signature pieces, these can also be versatile in helping you to make more of an interesting wardrobe, even if you don’t own a lot of clothes.

A capsule wardrobe is something worth considering if you are limited on a budget. Mainly because this takes a few key pieces that are versatile enough so that you can switch them up to create a dozen different looks.

Acknowledge Your Dislikes In Fashion

Not everything that you see in a store or fashion is going to be something you like. It is okay not to like a trend or fashion style, even if it’s loved by many. Fashion is a lot like art in its expression, and we can all have varying opinions on how we see it. If you do not like a fashion style or trend, then try not to buy into it. You want to be investing in pieces and buying clothes that you love to look at but that you also enjoy wearing.

It is good to try and reduce the amount of clothing that will just end up sitting in your wardrobe (ps: i need to do a bit of closet decluttering as well. I am lowkey in the process of donating a few of my clothes to charity).

Have Confidence In What You Wear

Having confidence in what you wear is essential, and it is something that you have to learn for yourself and to build upon. It is not something that can be bought, and confidence comes from inside, not from a dress or pair of shoes. You must wear the clothes, rather than the clothes wearing you.

So if you are finding it difficult to find things you like, it might be that your confidence is what it should be. Work on your confidence and find ways of building it up where you can. Self-confidence is indeed a never-ending journey!

Finding your own style is important if you are a fashion enthusiast like me, so be sure to use these tips to help develop your personal style to suit your fashion needs and body type. As well as also investing in the quality of your clothes and seeing clothing as an investment.

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