Hottest Fashion Trends You Need To Know In 2022

October 15, 2022

If you want to turn heads as you walk down the street, you need to know what is in style and what the hottest fashion trends of the year are. During the COVID-19 pandemic, fashion trends took a strange turn. With no one going outside to be social, and everyone slouching at home on the sofa and conducting business meetings from their bedrooms, the only trending items have been loungewear. The pandemic enabled people to pursue their own fashion choices, without having to think about what anyone else would say. This has made fashion choices become much more personal and flamboyant, as people are now more willing to experiment with new styles. The hottest fashion trends you need to look out for are bigger, better, and more interesting than ever before. 

To help you find your style and start turning heads wherever you go, here are some of the hottest fashion trends that you need to know. 

#1 Color clashing 

There was once a time when you had to perfectly pair your ensemble with patterns and styling colors that matched each other or at least complemented each other. This concept is now out of the window, with colors and even patterns having no rules. Clashing the colors within your ensemble is a great way to make a big fashion statement. You can make bold focal points by purposely using contrasting colors, or you can randomly throw pieces from your wardrobe together. 

#2 Wide and flared-leg trousers

Skinny jeans and leggings have had the spotlight for at least the last decade. Nothing else has been good enough. However, out of nowhere, wide-leg and flared pants have been given the attention that they deserve. They can easily be dressed up or down and are extremely comfortable. They go nicely with skin-tight tops or crop tops. This trend only started after the pandemic, so it seems that society wants to keep some comfort from the lockdown. 

#3 Smart casual 

Smart-casual styles have been taken out of the office and into society. There are more and more people dressing smart, or adding touches of academia into their outfits. For example, you might see someone in straight-leg jeans, paired with a blazer, loafers, glasses, and a ponytail. This hot trend sees people balancing formal wear with casual clothes, which gives their outfits a multi-purpose use. 

#4 Chunky boots

Boots have always been popular footwear to pair with your outfits. However, these are only getting bigger and chunkier as the years go on. Moving past the platform high tops, and now into thick soles with grooved rubber. These boots have seen a massive surge, and are one of the most wanted shoes on the market. They are similar to Dr. Martens, which are extremely popular, but they are bigger and chunkier, making a bolder statement. They go great with jeans, as well as dresses.

#5 Body modifications

You will start to see that everyone has modified their body in some way. Whether it is a tattoo, a piercing, or plastic surgery, they are becoming extremely common all around the world and are a way for people to express themselves beyond their clothes. If you choose to modify your body, make sure you choose a safe and reputable place to get it done, for example, Medical Piercing

Use these top fashion trends to help you develop your style. 

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