May 24, 2019

It’s only a matter of time till summer season fully hits us all. Here in Canada, we are gradually diving into sunny days but with a few days of pouring rain. Today’s blog post features a shoot I had with Chuchu Ojekwe while I was in Lagos, Nigeria. I have some bad news, though – just kidding! well,  not really bad. Unfortunately, I have no idea where this outfit I am wearing is from because it was gifted to me by my mum but, I can assure you I will be linking similar items so that you guys have the chance to recreate this look.

In all honesty, red is that one colour I tend not to experiment with when it comes to styling outfits. However, I am obsessed with the shade of this particular red and how it complements my skin tone and body. I am truly living for anything ‘sets’ or ‘co-ords’ as you may have noticed from my previous blog post on the YELLOW CO-ORD. I mean outfits with matching colours are easy and straightforward to wear for practically any occasion, and I will not mind getting different colours in different styles of matching sets this summer!


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