Eguide: The Top 6 Websites/Apps/Tools That Have Helped My Creative Career As A Fashion Blogger


I have compiled a list of six (6) websites/apps/tools that have made my blogging career more effective and productive.

(hint: most of these tools are free to use!)

This e-guide is physical proof of everything I know, and I have learnt throughout my digital content creation journey.

  • All information included in this book is based on my personal experiences throughout my blogging career.
  • This book is catered to Fashion/Beauty/Lifestyle bloggers, BUT! The same valuable information in this book can also be applied to other niches.

This e-guide is suitable for you if you are looking to establish a creative career on social media.

NOTE: This e-guide is free for a limited time, so you can easily download this tool by clicking the ‘purchase’ button. You will receive an instant download link after checkout!


A free resource you can use to kickstart your blogging career. Curated by Emmanuela Okon.

(NOTE: Download limit for this product is five downloads per person. It is recommended you save your files once you download them to prevent you from losing access to this e-guide.)

PS: This guide is already included in the How To Setup A Fashion/Beauty/Lifestyle Blog Using Ebook. So if you want to purchase that book there will be no need to purchase the guide.

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