How to Confidently Pitch Yourself to Brands (Original Version)

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You may be wondering how people get to work with so many brands on social media and the answer most of the time is by directly reaching out to brands. In reality, you cannot just sit down and wait until something happens. This book was written with the intention that content creators know their worth and understand the value of their content.

  • The beginning of this book takes you through the things you need to know before sending your first pitch email. To understanding the type of valuable information brands will require from you.
  • This book also includes the DO’S and DONT’S of sending a pitch email so as not to avoid missing out on a great collaboration opportunity.
  • This book unlocks much information on how you can confidently sell yourself professionally to brands while still being a creative and fun content creator.

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  • This book is physical proof of everything I know, and I have learnt throughout my digital content creation journey.
  • This book will serve as a Beginner Friendly Guide on How to Pitch Yourself to Brands!

This book is suitable for:

  • A newbie/established blogger, looking for unique strategies on how to approach brands online
  • Anyone looking to turn their passion into a career.
  • Anyone who does not know how to go about drafting an email to collaborate with brands.
  • Anyone looking to establish a long-term relationship with brands.

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(Pricing is now in US Dollars – updated August 2020.)

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3 Reviews

Oloriifits says:

This Ebook was very informative and straightforward. It has definitely improved my skill level and given me more knowledge on how to confidently pitch myself to brands.

Madeline Udowa says:

I really enjoyed reading this! It really really helped me grow and see new ways in which I can earn commission from my content! I would definitely be purchasing more from you!

Christabelle says:

This Ebook has a lot of information. Doesn’t miss a thing, it’s worth it

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