E-book: How to Setup a Fashion/Beauty/Lifestyle Blog Using (Original Version)

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This book is physical proof of everything I know, and I have learnt throughout my digital content creation journey.

  • This book will serve as a Beginner Friendly Guide to Launch your Blogging Career!
  • All information included in this book is based on my personal experiences throughout my blogging career.
  • For one thing, the questions I always received in my Instagram DM’s and blog comments led to the creation of starting this e-book.
  • This book is catered to Fashion/Beauty/Lifestyle bloggers, BUT! The same valuable information in this book can also be applied to other niches.

This book is suitable for:

  1. A newbie blogger, looking to learn more about creating a website online.
  2. Anyone already using as their primary website platform.
  3. Anyone migrating their blog to
  4. Anyone migrating from to

PLEASE NOTE: This book was written for complete beginners in mind.

(Pricing is now in US Dollars – updated August 2020.)


It is no surprise why most people want to have a website of their own. This could be for many reasons, like building an online portfolio, building an online business to sell products or just for the fun of it.

I am here to let you know that creating a website is not an easy task, but it is achievable. The first question you might be asking yourself is, ‘where do I start?’. Luckily, you are in the right place because I will be giving you the scoop on how you can easily create a website of your own right from your home using WORDPRESS.ORG.

This ebook also includes special links and discount codes readers can use to invest in starting up their blog/website.

Check out this blog post here to see ‘what is inside’ this book

Kindle Version:

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(Pricing is now in US Dollars – updated August 2020.)

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1 Review

Oke Odunmorayo says:

This ebook was actually super helpful and I totally recommend it for beginner bloggers, giving the fact that it’s not so pricey and you can even have Emmanuella’s personal help and explanation if you don’t understand some aspects in the book.
In the book, you get to learn and understand the complete basic guidelines and steps you need to take in order to create your own fashion/beauty/lifestyle blog. And having this ebook alongside the author’s help really put my blog in a good space.

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