WordPress.com to WordPress.org Blog Migration / WordPress Blog Setup

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Answer: 72 hours from the time the purchase was made

OK, I’m in. What’s next?

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  2. Sign Up for web hosting services with GoDaddy..
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  4. Relax & get ready for the new beginning.

(Pricing is now in US Dollars – updated August 2020.)


Do you have a WordPress.com site? If so, I can help you migrate your website from WordPress.com to WordPress.org, which is a better platform for a better blogging experience.

Check out my Ebook on How to Setup A Fashion/Beauty/Lifestyle Blog Right From Your Home to understand why switching to WordPress.org is the right platform for your blog.

You can find the Site Migration process from Page 34 of the Ebook.

(Pricing is now in US Dollars – updated August 2020.)