March 5, 2020

Hey guys! So I believe this is my first fashion blog post in 2020. If you are an old reader of my blog, you may have noticed I posted a fashion post sometime in January talking about breaking grounds in 2020. That post was taken during my trip to Lagos in December 2019. Still, all that aside, I am back to my regular schedule of blogging my outfits, since you guys really love that kind of content on my blog.

On that thought, I have a quick question for my ladies who love to wear tights/pantyhose. Do you guys ever have trouble finding the best pair of tights or is it just me? Sometimes, I find it hard to fit into the previous ones I have had because the tights cannot get passed my hip area since I am a bit of a curvy girl. Or the tights end up ripping apart. Mind you, most of the time, these sizes are usually a ‘medium’, but it still doesn’t fit my body type, which can get frustrating at times.


#LifeinSheertex #Sheertex

In today’s blog post, I had the opportunity of finding a brand that can solve my tights/pantyhose problems, and that is Sheertex! Yes, there are numerous brands out there selling tights/stockings/pantyhose/fish-net tights. You can call this item whatever you want, but trust me when I tell you Sheertex is indeed one of the best in the game. This proudly-owned Canadian company produces soft, sheer and thick tights, just exactly like the one I am wearing in this blog post.

Product Deets: I am wearing the Opaque black tights in a size medium that fits perfectly like a glove!. Their sizes range from small to 2/3x-large, and the colour textures of the pantyhose range from very light to darker tones. With Sheertex, there is a fit for everyone and anyone no matter your body type which is what I really love about this brand. It does an excellent job of being inclusive. 

Outfit Styling Deets: In today’s outfit post, I decided to pair these quality tights with a blazer dress from Zara. That was absolutely the first thing that came to my mind because opaque tights are essential during the winter season. As I said, Sheertex tights are pretty thick, which is good, but they also have thin textured ones here if you are someone who loves a more lightweight material.

You guys should totally check them out and let me know what you think about them. In honour of me being so kind, I have a coupon code for you guys to use if you are interested in purchasing new tights for yourself.

Scroll down for the code ⇩


*in collaboration with Sheertex*

Shot by Amy Nguyen

Photo edit by Me

Location: Toronto, Ontario

Tights from Sheertex

Dress from Zara

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