The Importance of ‘Planning’ in Life Ft. Pigly

July 29, 2020

Hey loves, so in today’s blog post, I will be doing something a bit different. I will be discussing with you my takeaway when it comes to overall planning, particularly life planning. I had the opportunity of collaborating with such a creative company called Pigly. The name is super cute by the way!

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Pigly is a website that offers free interactive tools and calculators to teach people about personal finances. Pigly provides a wide range of tools from budgeting, home loans, mortgages, savings and so on. HoweverI really love how versatile the site is by including other planning tools like a weight-loss planning calculator. You guys already know how big I have been on fitness and just maintaining an overall healthy lifestyle. So, this particular interactive calculator caught my eye and, it serves as a big reminder for me to continue focusing on my fitness goals and working on myself.

My results after inputing my weight loss goals. I set realistic goals for myself using Pigly

Honestly, this global pandemic has really been an eye-opener for me when it comes to planning. Especially when it comes to my personal finances and the importance of saving. I would highly recommend using Pigly if you are looking for a reliable online source for all things related to personal finance. It is so refreshing to see how Pigly makes calculating numbers fun and easy to understand. Because Lord knows I am super lazy when it comes to calculating numeric values. (lmao!).

For more information about Pigly, you can click this link to get started with their free helpful calculators that can help you save time and money all year long. As long as you are inputting the correct values, Pigly does all the calculations for you. This process is similar to how someone files taxes by themselves online. Pretty simple and stress-free!

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